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Job Tierlist


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Hello everyone, name's Zoldalma. I've been a member of Risnox since the 26th of March.

As few of you might already know I've made a Tier list based on the jobs you can join on the server. The Tier list is full of information, tips and tricks as well as examples to see which jobs would suit you the best. I've also noted which jobs should be buffed or nerfed based on the data.
My goal was to help the common folks around here. I got no reward for making this. Yet :p

You can download the file from this link. Any troubleshooting or additional data is appreciated. The current version is 1.0.

EDIT (2020. 04. 20.): I've realized that the prices are not reliable. I've reached lvl 50 as a miner and although the percentages and the math was correct when I was at a lower level, this time this is not the case. I fear the numbers cannot be viewed as right, although the tierlist stays at it is, don't take the numbers for granted. I'm terribly sorry for the miscalculations. Until further notice my work stays at it is but if the folks here want me to revise it I'll start working.

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